Sea To Land – Film & Music by R. A. Phillips

Sea To Land – Film & Music by R. A. Phillips

Filmed in Folkestone, England this track is taken from my album A Word From Within (

Sea To Land represents the transition from the ocean to land on the musical journey the album takes. I wanted to create the sound of the waves and have a slightly eerie feeling to the track, like stepping into some unknown world, which in many ways the ocean and land are very much two different worlds. I’ve always been drawn to images being in black and white but again I felt making the film in this way added to the eeriness of the music.

Parakeets – Film & Music by R. A. Phillips

Some more playing around with some filming. I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my filming coming out slightly blurry when I post up, I don’t know it’s me doing something wrong or YouTube but it’s fun all the same trying things out.

Filmed in Hyde Park, London, the Parakeets are always popular in the parks and bring a great joy as people feed them or take photos. I made this film when I was walking through Hyde Park and decided to make the film in black and white because I liked the dark lines of the trees and the silhouette of the birds. The music I made is a simple guitar piece to accompany the film using my Epiphone Dot with reverb.

Parakeets – Film & Music by R. A. Phillips