Film – Mountain by R. A. Phillips

Mountain by R. A. Phillips

Mountain is a track from my album A World From Within. You can read more about the album from a pervious posts

With the track Mountain, I wanted to make a piece of music that sounded like a rising giant, with sweeping wind like sounds and a gentle piano part that represented a majestic beauty of mountainous peaks and captivating landscape.

With my instrumentals I create, I like to make music and sounds that can let the listener make their own imaginative visions when listening but I decided to make some films to accompany the music from the album and this is my first one. The footage is from a free stock footage site Pixabay. I then combined the footage myself and I edited it to make black and white, with the footage slightly slowed down.

Look out for the face in the mountains in the open and last sequence of the film!

Music, Created & Composed by R. A. Phillips

Footage from Pixabay and edited by R. A. Phillips

Parakeets – Film & Music by R. A. Phillips

Some more playing around with some filming. I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my filming coming out slightly blurry when I post up, I don’t know it’s me doing something wrong or YouTube but it’s fun all the same trying things out.

Filmed in Hyde Park, London, the Parakeets are always popular in the parks and bring a great joy as people feed them or take photos. I made this film when I was walking through Hyde Park and decided to make the film in black and white because I liked the dark lines of the trees and the silhouette of the birds. The music I made is a simple guitar piece to accompany the film using my Epiphone Dot with reverb.

Parakeets – Film & Music by R. A. Phillips