All music written, performed & lyrics by Richie Phillips

The Richie a debut album by Richie Phillips

To start, the album title. The title of album came from the mind of a boy, my nephew to be precise. For some reason only known to him. From time to time he would call me “The Richie” rather then just Richie. So I decided to use this as the title of my debut album. A nod, and something of a dedication to him. Someone who is a really special person in my life, my best buddy. But it was also fittingly for the songs I had and because of him helped me find a path to tie them together.

The Richie is an self recorded album about honesty, truth, loneliness, addiction, escapism, religion, a battle within of anger, depression and the search for love. Ultimately finding a first love which is not mutual, the dealing of new emotions, along with it’s regrets and the coming to terms with whats been.


5 thoughts on “MUSIC

  1. Finally get to hear you when we’re not in your bedroom =)
    I love your voice on ‘Where will you go?’, ‘Untitled’ made me smile.

  2. Richie…
    Everything sounds great, friend. Glad to see it’s working out for you. Keep it up.. you’re doing great things.
    Love Julie

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