Merry Christmas! Huge thank you to everyone who’s brought, listened, liked, followed and supported my music throughout this year. Here’s a little film I’ve made from the recent snow fall we had in London at the beginning of the month. It didn’t last long but it was beautiful while it did.

The music accompanying this film is available to download for free via my Bandcamp page –

Morden Bombs Don’t Tick – Poem by Peter Doolan – Film by R. A. Phillips

I had the great fun in helping my mate Peter Doolan make a video for his poem Morden Bombs Don’t Tick.

This poem is Peter’s reflections on moving from his home town in Ireland to London and is something I think we can all relate to, if born in this city or like Peter moved here from another part of the world. I love my city very much but there are many many times when it really does get to me and there is lots in this poem that really spoke to me. It’s was pleasure to help him make the video.

We filmed this over two periods before the pandemic and then recently we have been able to finish it off. It was great experience making this video with Peter. Lots of lessons in understanding how to put a video/film together and I love the black and white look we went for. All filmed in the sub world of London’s Underground.

Check out Peter’s other poetry and music, his a fantastic lyricist, wordsmith and musician.