NEW RELEASE – Carnelian Moon

Carnelian Moon

‘A mysterious planetoid shaped object appears in the solar system. Dubbed the Carnelian Moon, a team of astronauts using the spacecraft Nabamcam are sent out to explore this new strange celestial body’.

This instrumental album is my homage to 50s science fiction and is also inspired by the Mercury & Apollo missions and its astronauts (Nabamcam is an anagram of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Micheal Collins, Apollo Misson).

Another great influence in making this album was the pioneering women of electronic music, who I discovered while making this album. The incredible sounds and tones these musicians created was a huge inspiration.

Album Cover Design & Art by R. A. Phillips

R.I.P Mark Lanegan

Very sad by this news of singer and musician Mark Lanegan passing.

I saw Mark Lanegan perform with Isobel Campbell few years back at the Barbican. It was an incredible gig, two amazing voices but Mark Lanegan’s voice is one of the very best ever and to hear it live was such a joy. After the gig both artists (along with support act Willy Mason) did a signing and I have a treasured signed copy of Mark Lanegan and Isobel Campbell’s album Hawk signed by all three. Lanegan was hunched down at the signing table, baseball cap pulled over face, like he was incredibly shy and trying to hide. After he signed the record I said my nervous and deepest thanks and as I turned to walk away, some unfound bravado come to me and I said to him “Oh I wish could fucking sing like you!”. This little smile appeared from under the baseball cap. It was great moment and a very special gig for me.

R.I..P Mark Lanegan