Recording Session for Peter Doolan

Really fun time getting some old friends out, my Gibson SG and Fender Stratocaster for a recording session for Peter Doolan Music at Marketstall Recording. Got to play through a cool Treynor amp (I have beautiful Treynor amp head that I don’t use as much as I should) and had a lot of fun making a racket!

I love doing my own music, if it’s my singer songwriting or creating my instrumentals but just being guitarist and also being able to have the freedom to let my guitar playing imagination go free to someone else’s music is hugely enjoyable!! Very grateful to Peter for the opportunity to be a part in anyway to his fantastic songwriting!

Playing guitar for Peter Doolan

This Friday I will be having the great joy of playing guitar for the brilliant Peter Doolan. I’ve had a lot fun learning his fantastic songs, interpreting my own guitar parts for the songs and I’m really looking forward to the gig! With the equally brilliant Diego Brown and The Good Fairy in support this is gonna be superb night of live music!

Get your tickets for the gig from the link below. Let’s go!