R. A. Phillips is a musician from London. He works principally in two styles of music, performing as a singer songwriter playing his own self written compositions and as an instrumentalist, composing imaginative and experimental music based around an concept. With a wide range of influences from many styles of music he likes to create a mix of sounds, vibe and forms to let his music go where ever his inspiration takes him.

He has self-released, recorded and produced his own music (https://richiephillips.net/music/).

R. A. Phillips also likes to design and create the covers for his music he releases

He also currently has the great honour to be co-host of Lantern Society London, a prestigious twice monthly singer songwriter night held at the Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon, London.

When he is not playing music, photography is another passion of his. As well as taking photos for fun and the joy of capturing an image he has also had his photography used by other musicians for album covers, gig posters and for publicity use on social media (https://richiephillips.net/photography-work/ & https://www.instagram.com/r.phillipsphotography/).


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