Blog – Apollo 11 Astronaut Micheal Collins

Sad news of the passing of Apollo 11 astronaut Micheal Collins. I’m absolutely fascinated by space. My next music project I’m working on is space themed and I have been watching a number of space documentaries for ideas. The more I watch the more I admire the astronauts (animals too) who took space flight in this era and the build up to the first moon landing. I find the fact that the phone I’m writing this on has more computing power then the Apollo shuttles that went into space unbelievable. Maybe overlooked in that historic event of the first moon landing but Micheal Collins’s role was integral to its success and getting the three Apollo 11 astronauts back to earth.

“I certainly thought that I did not have the best seat of the three,” he said. “But I can say in all honesty, I was thrilled with the seat that I did have.”

Micheal Collins


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