New Music – A World From Within

As Bandcamp Friday approaches tomorrow I’m pleased announce my next music project will be released. A World From Within. This album is my music and sound interpretation of the Earth, creating a musical soundscape journey from the core of planet to the outermost layer of the atmosphere.

I was inspired to compose this album simply because of my love for the planet, its beauty and complexities and I’ve always been fascinated by nature, life, the planets and space. This album is my homage to the celestial body on which we reside.
We humans often forget that we live on a unique marvel of nature that’s one of a kind.

I wanted to create an album that would transport the listener on a journey from the Earth’s core, drifting up the ocean, across the land and rising to the sky.

Out tomorrow! A World From Within

A World From Within by R. A. Phillips

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