New Album Out Now – Metropolis

Now available via my Bandcamp page is my new album Metropolis.

Metropolis is the musical soundscape of a future urban city. 

With masses of the population working in factories making an endless line of products for the consumption of manufactured need, it’s only in the night when the factories are closed can the masses feel free. The city comes alive at night with the spectral sound of electric racing from old discarded American muscle cars rampage through the city, screaming with new electric life. Fashionistas parade around the streets, looking for the attention they crave while rival gangs compete for new territory. The city is ablaze with energy until the first rays of new light breaks through the night and the machines come calling once more.

All Music Created & Composed By R. A. Phillips 
Guitar, Bass & Synth/Keyboard Sounds Performed By R. A. Phillips