New Music, Year Review

Christmas offering you can download a free track called Living In The Night from my Bandcamp page from now until the 1st of January. This piece of music is from an album I will be releasing in the New Year called Metropolis.

Wishing a Merry Christmas this year could get the Scrooge-esq modern day equivalent response “Merry Christmas! Are you F’ing! Kidding me!” No we won’t be remembering 2020 fondly, it’s been a horrible difficult year.

But in truth the lockdown earlier this year came in when I was at a point where shutting myself away from people was just what I needed. The time to hide and step away from everything and everyone was what I was looking for and it gave me precious time to work on music ideas, try and learn some new instruments (The piano, can just about play a couple of notes and the accordion, completely hopeless). I also found my love for the guitar again during this period, something I’ve not had for the last few years for whatever reason and had developed almost a hatred for.

One way I found enjoyment in back playing the guitar has been to actually step away from it and not focus on a singer songwriter style of music I had been doing, but not leaving it behind and have been creating more instrumentals, which I have found very enjoyable making and exploring creating different sounds.

I decided to change my name to R. A. Phillips for my music too, just for something different (There’s a lot of Richie Phillips)

A couple of months back I released the instrumentals which were my tribute to the great Ennio Morricone ‘Lee Van Cleef’ and ‘Many Eyes In The Dark’ a Halloween inspired collection of music. Both have very different styles with one more guitar based and the other more experimental.

Living In The Night is full guitar and I think shows my enjoyment in playing the guitar. I will give more details of Metropolis the album this track is gonna be apart of when I release it and I have few other releases I will be putting out in the new year, some of which will follow different themes and concepts.

Stay safe, look after yourself and others. I hope you can have a nice Christmas and hopefully 2021 will give us some brighter times.

(Living In The Night is no longer available on a free download but will be available from the album Metropolis, which I will be releasing soon!)