We Love The Betsey

I’m delighted to be apart of ‘We Love The Betsey’ a online festival of music, poetry and comedy in support of The Betsey Trotwood. The Betsey is like a home from home, a very special place and somewhere that means a great deal to me. This is a fantastic line up and it’s huge honour to be included.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before venues like The Betsey can reopen but until then we must support these jewels for art, friendship and joy the best we can. You can watch the online festival from the The Betsey Trotwood Facebook page or YouTube and if you can afford to make donation please do, which you can at https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/we-love-the-betsey

My performance is of a song I’ve wrote called My Kingdom. I’ve ripped up, re-wrote this song more times then I can remember and out of nowhere this version I’ve recorded came out and finally it felt right. The song is about mental health troubles, with the Kingdom being a persons mind but having that person, place or whatever it may be which makes any trouble inside fade. For me it was a person I use to know when I first started writing the song but in many ways The Betsey has/is a place that helps me. But as always you can make your own interpretation on the song, maybe My Kingdom could be about something wider.

I’ve tried to use this lockdown to my best advantage and it has given me much wanted (and needed) time to hide away, go into my own little world and work on music and ideas. I’m planning on releasing a couple of the projects I have been working on over this period soon.

For now this Saturday go to The Betsey Trotwood Facebook page or YouTube and enjoy a night of entertainment!

If you can make a donation to help this fantastic venue please do, thank you!