Friday’s Album Launch at the Betsy Trotwood

So on Friday the 29th of January I had the album launch night for my debut album The Richie, upstairs in the Betsy Trotwood. It was an incredible experience and I was overwhelmed by the turn out, and loved every second. Well almost every second. The soundcheck was terrifying as my acoustic guitar had a problem with it’s pick up, a new lead I brought wouldn’t work and a piece of music equipment I was using called a Line 6 pod started to malfunction. So I was feeling super stress, fearing the worst.

But as the soundman for the night said to me “don’t worry it will all be fine” and thankfully it was. I used a friends acoustic, which was a lovely Taylor acoustic to solve one problem. Another lead was found and the Line 6 pod sorted it self out and didn’t breakdown. Phew!


For support acts on the night I had three friends of mine and amazing musician. Chris Brambley, MIRI and Catherine Rudie. It was a honour, a privilege they could play on the night. Needless to say they were incredible. As I said I was overwhelmed by the turn out and the room was packed right from the start of the evening, it wasn’t just full of people I knew too. A group came in and in all honestly probably just came up stairs to just find some where to sit down. But they stayed the whole night and was silent during everyones performances. I can’t thank them enough for that.


My work as a compare left little to be desired and I felt the nerves, can’t lie about that but it was different once I strap on a guitar and started playing. Okay there was moments where I struggled, then who wants perfection over honesty. It’s joy playing live, especially to packed room of people and I loved having that stage to myself, in not a selfish way, instead just having the time to perform. Not just being able to do two songs or three like I normal get when out playing. It was my night and I gave it my absolute best and walked away feeling very very proud. Relief was a riding feeling too as I could call the night a success. Before this launch I had never organised music night before.

There was many highlights to the night and one of my favourites was having Chris Brambley help me out with a few songs playing electric guitar. His not only a great friend but truly one of my favourite guitarist ever. It was a lot fun performing with him. Hopefully we can do more in the future.

Another was having my friends who attended who are fantastic musician, songwriters say really kind and amazing things to me after. It great when people you admire complement your music.

_DSC9252on stage with Chris Brambley



So that’s that an amazing and really special night and a brilliant way to start another year of playing music. And to think I wasn’t gonna have an album launch night. Didn’t want the fuss but glad listened a friend of mine who encouraged me to.

Massive thank you to all who came along and the Betsy Trotwood for letting me put the night on.

(Photos by Steven West)


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