Now available via my Bandcamp page is my new album Metropolis.

Metropolis is the musical soundscape of a future urban city. 

With masses of the population working in factories making an endless line of products for the consumption of manufactured need, it’s only in the night when the factories are closed can the masses feel free. The city comes alive at night with the spectral sound of electric racing from old discarded American muscle cars rampage through the city, screaming with new electric life. Fashionistas parade around the streets, looking for the attention they crave while rival gangs compete for new territory. The city is ablaze with energy until the first rays of new light breaks through the night and the machines come calling once more.

All Music Created & Composed By R. A. Phillips 
Guitar, Bass & Synth/Keyboard Sounds Performed By R. A. Phillips 

Christmas offering you can download a free track called Living In The Night from my Bandcamp page from now until the 1st of January. This piece of music is from an album I will be releasing in the New Year called Metropolis.

Wishing a Merry Christmas this year could get the Scrooge-esq modern day equivalent response “Merry Christmas! Are you F’ing! Kidding me!” No we won’t be remembering 2020 fondly, it’s been a horrible difficult year.

But in truth the lockdown earlier this year came in when I was at a point where shutting myself away from people was just what I needed. The time to hide and step away from everything and everyone was what I was looking for and it gave me precious time to work on music ideas, try and learn some new instruments (The piano, can just about play a couple of notes and the accordion, completely hopeless). I also found my love for the guitar again during this period, something I’ve not had for the last few years for whatever reason and had developed almost a hatred for.

One way I found enjoyment in back playing the guitar has been to actually step away from it and not focus on a singer songwriter style of music I had been doing, but not leaving it behind and have been creating more instrumentals, which I have found very enjoyable making and exploring creating different sounds.

I decided to change my name to R. A. Phillips for my music too, just for something different (There’s a lot of Richie Phillips)

A couple of months back I released the instrumentals which were my tribute to the great Ennio Morricone ‘Lee Van Cleef’ and ‘Many Eyes In The Dark’ a Halloween inspired collection of music. Both have very different styles with one more guitar based and the other more experimental.

Living In The Night is full guitar and I think shows my enjoyment in playing the guitar. I will give more details of Metropolis the album this track is gonna be apart of when I release it and I have few other releases I will be putting out in the new year, some of which will follow different themes and concepts.

Stay safe, look after yourself and others. I hope you can have a nice Christmas and hopefully 2021 will give us some brighter times.

(Living In The Night is no longer available on a free download but will be available from the album Metropolis, which I will be releasing soon!)

I’ve released some Halloween inspired music on my bandcamp page, available now. ‘Many Eyes In The Dark’ is five pieces of music inspired by some of my favourite films of the horror genre and the music with them. I wanted to create something that’s simple but dark and mysterious that might capture the listeners imagination.

Many Eyes In The Dark – Written, created and performed by R. A. Phillips

Friday 11th September I’m delighted to be back playing live. The first time in long while, so it’s with great excitement and it’s fair share of nerves. I will be performing The Rookery and outdoors music event organised by the brilliant singer songwriter James Burton.

12:00- 2:00 (My set will be at 1:30pm)
The Rookery, Bishop Square, EC1

Available now to download from my bandcamp page

Recorded over the lockdown period 2020, this track was inspired by firstly my enjoyment of watching westerns and one favourite actors of this genre. Other influences to this track are the late great Ennio Morricone, Nick Cave and Bad Seeds bass lines and The Shadows.

You can download this track for free or make a donation if you would like.

Thank you

Music Composed & Performed by R. A. Phillips
Recorded & Created by R. A. Phillips

This track is dedicated to composer Ennio Morricone

I’m delighted to be apart of ‘We Love The Betsey’ a online festival of music, poetry and comedy in support of The Betsey Trotwood. The Betsey is like a home from home, a very special place and somewhere that means a great deal to me. This is a fantastic line up and it’s huge honour to be included.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before venues like The Betsey can reopen but until then we must support these jewels for art, friendship and joy the best we can. You can watch the online festival from the The Betsey Trotwood Facebook page or YouTube and if you can afford to make donation please do, which you can at

My performance is of a song I’ve wrote called My Kingdom. I’ve ripped up, re-wrote this song more times then I can remember and out of nowhere this version I’ve recorded came out and finally it felt right. The song is about mental health troubles, with the Kingdom being a persons mind but having that person, place or whatever it may be which makes any trouble inside fade. For me it was a person I use to know when I first started writing the song but in many ways The Betsey has/is a place that helps me. But as always you can make your own interpretation on the song, maybe My Kingdom could be about something wider.

I’ve tried to use this lockdown to my best advantage and it has given me much wanted (and needed) time to hide away, go into my own little world and work on music and ideas. I’m planning on releasing a couple of the projects I have been working on over this period soon.

For now this Saturday go to The Betsey Trotwood Facebook page or YouTube and enjoy a night of entertainment!

If you can make a donation to help this fantastic venue please do, thank you!