I Don’t Want To Leave You While Your Sleeping featuring Maayan Madar (piano) & Maris Peterlevics (violin)

Performed at the Karamal this was an amazing moment and one of my favourites since playing music. I was honoured Mayaan and Maris could share they genius music talents and join me on stage to perform what is a special song for me. Huge thank you to them and a massive thank to George Venus for making this brilliant film and capturing the moment.

Karamel Gig

Last Friday I co-headlined at the Karamel bar in Wood Green. I shared the night with my friend and great musician Maayan Madar and join us on the night was two other music friends, MIRI and Catherine Rudie. Also playing in support on was a singer songwriter I  didn’t know but was very good, Kaity Rea.

I really enjoyed the whole night and the set I played. It was difficult to begin with for many reasons and felt uncomfortable but it turned fortunes thankfully and in the end was highly enjoyable, spiritual too at times, in that way performing can be at times, though difficult to describe.

I was joined during my performance for song of the songs by my friend Maris, playing his amazing violin and during one other Maayan played piano with us, in what was my highlight of the performance, I loved it. 

Photos by George Venus

Photos by George Venus at The Karamal

I had an unplanned and not expected gig at one of my favourite venues I do play regularly at the Karamal in Wood Green, London. But this time I was there to just watch the other acts and not perform, though I was asked if I wanted to play a couple of songs, which I happily said yes to. Playing my friend Gabriel Moreno’s classical guitar was different and very fun to try.

These photos of me playing on the night are by George Venus. Though I’ve never said hello personally to him, I’ve noticed him there at the Karamal from time to time taking photos. Very greatful for him taking the time to take these of me, cheers George!

All photos by George Venus

Lucie’s Lounge

This Saturday (27th Aug) I will be playing at Lucie’s Lounge, a intimate gig at The Bloomsbury Tavern.Hosted Lucinda Sieger, also playing will be music from Chris Brambley, along with Raffaele Andante a Mixed Media artist who will be showing us some of his work. It will be my first time playing at Lucie’s Lounge and I’m looking forward to it very much, hope you can make it.

The Bloomsbury Tavern

Upstairs Lounge

236 Shaftsbury Avenue

London WC2H
Doors open 7.30pm starting at 8pm

Entrance £5