GIG: Silver Bullet 27th Febraury 2014 for CC Records

GIG: Silver Bullet 27th Febraury 2014 for CC Records

27th February I will be playing at the Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park for CC Records. It’s the first gig of the new year to be booked and hopefully the first of many.

Playing music has taken bit of a back seat for the last few months but I hope to change that soon enough. My debut album is slowly coming along, though like a wrestling match with finishing and recording some of the songs but it shouldn’t be too long away from being finished. Maybe couple of months or so.

And I will be starting my Free Song of the Month again after the album is finished.

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Free Song Of The Month – October 2013

Was Something Here? Was Something There? by Richie Phillips

This months free song was inspired by a 3 part series on BBC4 on a couple of weeks back called Sound And The Fury (or something close to that) It was about Avant-garde composers of the 20th century. I enjoyed the program a lot and wanted to try re-create something similar to what I heard in the series. I recorded spontaneously leaving mistakes in and flaws, using/trying to use those mistakes and flaws as part of the music. Out of 6 pieces of music I recorded I picked this one. It’s quiet more similar to what I’ve done before rather towards what I heard from the program but I liked the sound of what I come up with. I think it has a kinda horror/suspense tinge to it, not intentional but fitting to this time of the year I guess.

The title came about from another program that was on night which was about ghost hunting or something like that, I wasn’t really paying that much attention. But I was trying to think of a title for this piece of music during that the show and I just come up with it from that.

Was Something Here? Was Something There?

Free Song Of The Month – September 2013

I Want You Around by Richie Phillips

This months song I recorded last week, while feeling a little under the weather (ill) but I came up with this chord patten and thought I should record it before I forgot it. Then I ended up putting some simple lyrics to it and before I knew I had a song. As I say it’s very simple song but I surprised myself by how quick I got the song together. Also I really like the sound of my voice on this song I have to say.

Free Song Of The Month – August 2013

Peace By The Riverside (demo version) by Richie Phillips

I’ve been finding it hard to have the time to just play let alone record (roll the day when music can be a fall time job) But last weekend was a Bank Holiday, so some time off to do some recording. I made a start on doing some work on my debut album and was going to write a new song that weekend for this months free song. But I was kidding myself, I can’t write a song in a week let alone in a weekend. So I thought why not put up the demo I recorded that weekend of a new song I’ve been writting/working on for the album.
This is called Peace By The Riverside



Round Window Studio


This is my studio, my new studio to be in fact. Okay it’s no Abby Road and it’s not really a studio but this is what I record my music on. Again okay, also I think I’ve said this before in another blog before. I know it’s really silly and some might say sad to give it a name but everything as got to start somewhere. So this is my Round Window Studio.

As I said on my last Free Song of the Month post I’ve had some troubles with recording. My computer broke and then my Line 6 Pod xt did the same (the red kidney dish shaped thing in the picture). But thankfully with the help of my dad I was able to get a new computer and he was able to work his magic and fix the Pod xt.

After buying some new music software I recorded the song Carry On Hanging On (May’s free song of the month) which was just me figuring out the new music software really and that song came out. But I was still having trouble with recording and would get background hiss when recording vocals. So I decided to buy a couple more things to hopefully help sort the sound out. I brought off ebay an old mixer which I wanted to help rise the sound of recording levels and then I brought a USB to jack lead, this cured the problem of the background hiss when I record vocal and It also left me thinking why the hell didn’t I think of this before.

That’s it simple really I now have something that I can record with and get a decent sound. I’m hoping add a couple more things over the next few months, like some extra microphones stuff like that but I can start, really start working on my debut album. Something I’ve been trying to get going for long time now.