I’ll Get By by Richie Phillips – performing live at Blue Monday at The Boogaloo – February 9th 2015

Here is a video of me play my song I’ll Get By at The Boogaloo, in London.  I’ll be very honest and say I wasn’t actually planning on performing this song. I had another song in mind I wanted to do, but my mind went just blank and I couldn’t remember it. Bit annoying but I’m quite pleased by the performance of this song.  It is alway interesting seeing yourself back playing and most of time you find what felt like not a very good performance at the time, wasn’t all that bad at all.

What’s Been Happening?

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything on my website. So here’s just a little post about what I have been up to music wise over the last few months.

Open Mics:
Performance wise I’ve been hitting the open mics in London over the last few months. I’d finished writing a lot of new songs but as odd as it sounds, sometimes you need to learn how to play them. The best way to get working on a song or songs, to figure the ins and outs is to perform them live. A song can complete change with a live performance, crowd reaction, feedback off other musicians and simple just hearing it through a p.a. system. All kind of things really and open mics are perfect for this.


So I started heading out and playing 2-4 times a week, trying out my new songs. Apart from figuring out certain parts of the new songs, just the getting out and playing regular made an obvious improvement in performing. I think I can honestly say I’m not the same musician, weather performing or songwriting because of this.
Also it has been brilliant fun, minus a couple of times where it just wasn’t the right venue for me.


Not an open mic but for a while every Monday I was part of night playing at a venue in Camden, London. This was a massive help in helping me make the improvements I feel I’ve made. It was great just to have this venue where I could learn ‘my chops’ in kinda live rehearsal and hang out with some cool, brilliant musicians/people.
Unfortunately this has now come to an end, for reason out of my control and the others who took part in the night.


Debut Album:
Recording my debut album, which I had hoped to had finished a long time ago has been difficult. Problems with equipment and also me being too fussy, but I know what I want and things have been put back. The delay has help me though just and iron out a few things, hopefully making the album I have in mind. More about the ablum very soon.


GIG: Silver Bullet 27th Febraury 2014 for CC Records

GIG: Silver Bullet 27th Febraury 2014 for CC Records

27th February I will be playing at the Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park for CC Records. It’s the first gig of the new year to be booked and hopefully the first of many.

Playing music has taken bit of a back seat for the last few months but I hope to change that soon enough. My debut album is slowly coming along, though like a wrestling match with finishing and recording some of the songs but it shouldn’t be too long away from being finished. Maybe couple of months or so.

And I will be starting my Free Song of the Month again after the album is finished.

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Free Song Of The Month – October 2013

Was Something Here? Was Something There? by Richie Phillips

This months free song was inspired by a 3 part series on BBC4 on a couple of weeks back called Sound And The Fury (or something close to that) It was about Avant-garde composers of the 20th century. I enjoyed the program a lot and wanted to try re-create something similar to what I heard in the series. I recorded spontaneously leaving mistakes in and flaws, using/trying to use those mistakes and flaws as part of the music. Out of 6 pieces of music I recorded I picked this one. It’s quiet more similar to what I’ve done before rather towards what I heard from the program but I liked the sound of what I come up with. I think it has a kinda horror/suspense tinge to it, not intentional but fitting to this time of the year I guess.

The title came about from another program that was on night which was about ghost hunting or something like that, I wasn’t really paying that much attention. But I was trying to think of a title for this piece of music during that the show and I just come up with it from that.

Was Something Here? Was Something There?